Empathy is a spiritual principle that we need the most and use the least. When did we forget that we are all in this together ? When did it become ok to let our brothers and sisters suffer when we have the help they need ? How can it be that we produce more than enough food to feed everyone in the US and yet we have people going hungry. We really should be ashamed of ourselves

Are we really arrogant enough to think we have risen to our station in life all by ourselves. Did you go to school on scholarship, grants, federal funding or student loans ? Were you mentored by someone or has someone take a chance on you ?  Warren Buffett, a multi billionare talks of his mentor Ben Graham being a big part of his success.


We need to heal and grow in able to make this a better world for us and those to come. This can’t be done by looking down our noses at our less fortunate brother and sisters. Maybe while you are looking down at them you should try reaching out your hand to them. It’s really not that hard and you can become a better person along the way !!!







Paul Hellwig
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